Veteran Owned Business

Welcome to my blog everyone!  I’ll try to provide regular updates and even pontificate on matters related to business aviation and national security from time to time but I’ll resist the urge to get political.  There are many who believe that access to a forum of any kind allows them to speak their mind about any issue.  I’m not that way for a couple of reasons.  First, I’m well aware of the fact that opinions are often like anal sphincters that is, everyone has them and everyone else’s stinks.  But the second reason is more important.  The fact that you’re here and even reading indicates you’re interested in my writing.  That puts me in the role of entertainer” where you are concerned – a role that I have absolutely no problem with.  If you have bought my book(s) or are considering buying my book(s), I am your paid  employee for the time that you are reading.  And I want to be “re-hired” when my next book comes out.  Employers typically don’t care to hear the opinions of their employees – particularly where things like politics and religion are concerned.  (How often have you been in a taxi or other conveyance and had to listen to your driver spout his or her views? )  My goal, by writing, is to entertain and to unite – not to divide.  If I accomplish both of those objectives, I will consider myself successful indeed.