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The Cabo Contract, the next book in the Colin Pearce series, in currently in development.  Here’s a taste of what’s to come…

Three weeks after returning from his last adventure, Colin Pearce is confined to his home on doctor’s orders, recuperating from multiple gunshot wounds and trying to allow his body time to heal and his mind time to find some balance.

But a phone call interrupts Pearce’s isolation. Sarah Morton, a former monthly mistress for Bachelor Magazine and now the Chief Pilot of the magazine’s flight department needs his help to fly the company’s Gulfstream G-IV for a few weeks. Pearce hesitates, his physical condition notwithstanding, Sarah Morton is one of the very few women from his past who managed to get under his skin and the last thing Pearce needs now is to have those feelings resurrected. But the tone of her voice and the urgency of her request tell Pearce this is about much more than mere contract flying – there’s something deeper going on – something that terrifies her. And Pearce is hooked.

A quick trip to Burbank, California lands Pearce in the middle of a situation that leaves his head spinning. Sarah’s new boss identifies himself as Adam Archmere but the CIA quickly determines he’s none other than Abdullah bin Rashid al Qudamah, a member of a faction of the Saudi Royal family sympathetic to Muslims of the radical Wahhabi sect. As Pearce flies Archmere back and forth to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, he learns the mysterious Saudi appears to be building an alliance with the head of the largest drug cartel in Mexico and he stumbles upon a plot to assassinate the Vice-President of the United States and infect large portions of the west coast with a lethal biological agent. And yet it seems that this plot is a sideshow, a distraction, meant to hide something much larger and much worse taking shape in the background – a sinister plan that will leave both the US and Mexico paralyzed for years to come.

Pearce has lived his life by a simple motto: “I’d rather be lucky than good.” As events unfold and explode around him, he realizes luck won’t be enough to save him this time.

He’s going to need a miracle.

The Satan Contact will follow The Cabo Contract very soon!