Veteran Owned Business
The Cabo Contract

This is Book 6 in the Colin Pearce Series

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It was supposed to be a routine trip to Chicagoland for Colin Pearce. A long-awaited reunion with Sarah Morton, the woman he almost married, and the child they had together.

But upon his arrival in the western suburbs, Pearce learns that he is there for another, darker purpose. As part of an international goodwill effort, Enteron, a large energy company based in the area, has been contracted by the U.S. government to assist the North Korean regime’s efforts to stabilize its nuclear energy program. But the CIA believes Enteron is up to something more sinister and sends Pearce in to investigate. Soon, he finds himself enveloped in an intricate conspiracy that could lead to an eruption of conflict on the Korean peninsula and bring war to the United States.

From a hangar in West Chicago to a parking lot in Dallas, an alley in Anchorage, and the skies over the vast Pacific, Colin Pearce will be challenged in ways he hasn’t encountered before. He’ll will be called upon to fly the most dangerous mission of his life, trusting his life to a rogue North Korean general who is desperately trying to hold his country together. And to save the ones he loves, Pearce will have to reawaken the Darkness that lives inside of him and hope he can be savage enough to take down the ruthless enemies in his way.

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