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Brighton Publishing signs Chris Broyhill for “The Cabo Contract”

Chris Broyhill’s fans are ecstatic about the return of jet pilot and hero extraordinaire, Colin Pearce



The Cabo ContractThe Cabo Contract
PRLog (Press Release)Sep 11, 2012
CHANDLER (AZ)—Brighton Publishing LLC today announced the signing of Chris Broyhill for his second action-packed techno-thriller, The Cabo Contract. After achieving Brighton Publishing “Best-Seller” status with his celebrated debut novel, The Viper Contract, Chris Broyhill returns to the stage with his highly acclaimed hero, Colin Pearce. Readers will struggle to catch their breath with each mind-tingling turn of the page as Pearce is cast into the middle of a terrorist plot while simultaneously waging war on the Mexican drug cartel. The Viper Contract is currently available in print and eBook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine retailers nationwide. The Cabo Contract is being fast-tracked through production and is presently slated for release in Late-2012 or Early-2013.
It hadn’t been long since Colin Pearce’s last heroic action, and now, only time can help heal him from both his physical, and his emotional wounds. While convalescing in the hospital Colin receives a phone call from his longtime friend and fellow pilot, Sarah Morton.  Sarah tells Colin that she is in desperate need of his stellar piloting skills and asks Colin to assist her and her company with a “situation” in Mexico. When Colin senses a hint of panic and desperation in the sexy, centerfold-turned-pilot’s voice, he finds it difficult to say, “No” and, convalescing or not, Colin heads for the hospital exit.
Soon, he is introduced to Sarah’s new boss, a tall, stylish man by the name of Adam Archmere. Colin discovers that Archmere has contracted a G-IV plane from Sarah’s company and is using it to make multiple trips to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
The story quickens when Colin finds out from his CIA contacts that the man they know as Adam Archmere, is none other than Abdullah bin Rashid al Qudamah. Eventually, Colin discovers that Qudamah is travelling to ‘Cabo’ to conduct clandestine meetings with several members of the Mexican drug cartel.  Colin’s contacts make it clear that Qudamah is a renegade Saudi prince with ties to the radical Wahhabi sect of Islam and he is hell-bent on destroying America. Colin and the CIA are convinced that there is an imminent danger to the United States if an alliance is ever formed between the cartels and the terrorists. Things couldn’t get much worse for Colin…or could they?
“Chris Broyhill delivers another pulse-pounding, page-turner with enough jet fuel to set your hair on fire,” said Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing. “The Cabo Contract not only lives up to expectations—it surpasses them. Colin Pearce defines adventure and Chris Broyhill knows exactly how to please his audience.”