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I had a recent interview with Rhett Palmer.  Rhett is a local talk show host in my hometown, Vero Beach, Florida.  You can find out all about “The Mayor of the Airwaves” here.  He also produces a publication titled Vero’s Voice.  Below is a page from issue 14, page 30 of Vero’s Voice that featured “The Viper Contract.”

Rhett has interviewed a long list of very influential people including Secretary of State, Colin Powell; Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford; Reverend Billy Graham, Tommy Lee Jones, Garth Brooks, Los Angeles Dodgers Manager, Tommy Lasorda; Dr. Robert Schuller; Carly Simon; and “60 Minutes” veteran Mike Wallace.  I therefore, consider myself in very good company!

Listen to the interview below and let me know what you think.  Actually, let Rhett know what you think by contacting him  here

Thank you, Rhett, for the great interview and I look forward to speaking with you again soon!

Rhett Palmer Interview Part 1

Rhett Parlmer Interview Part 2

Vero’s Voice Article