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The work, the concept and the plot are pure fantasy
but highly plausible…

The Colin Pearce Series Fact(oids)
According to Chris Broyhill

What Authors Influenced Chris Broyhill:

John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee books influenced me greatly. The concept of an ordinary guy getting pulled into extraordinary adventures, with no idea what he’s getting into, really intrigued me.  I think that’s fiction nearly everyone can relate to.


All technical details about the jet, the tactics, radio calls and weapons employment reflect the manner in which I was trained in the F-16.  Some technical details were confirmed from open source material to ensure they were not classified.  While there is some “artistic license” taken – nearly everything is to the best of the my knowledge.


The air-to-air engagements are correct from a geometric and energy management perspective.  I based them on my knowledge and actually plotted them out to ensure that the position of each aircraft relative to the other(s) was accurate.

The Women:

I’ve been asked if I had any particular women in mind when I created the characters in this book and honestly, I didn’t.   All of the women in the book are strong-willed, highly intelligent and confident in who and what they are – like most of the women in my life that I’ve been fortunate to know.

 The CIA:

The details presented here have been strictly gleaned from open source material.  I don’t know anyone in the CIA nor have I had an interaction with the agency on a personal or professional level.  From a personally perspective, I believe that the men and women of the CIA are even more capable than how I’ve depicted them.

Colin Pearce:

And now the big question:  How much of Colin Pearce is Chris Broyhill and how much of Chris Broyhill is Colin Pearce?

Well, in some ways, Colin Pearce is who I wish I could be, and in other ways, he’s who I’m glad I never became. Colin and I share the same passion for flying, so I created him in my own image to a large degree.  We both flew the A-10 and the F-16 and our career paths in the USAF were similar.  We both left the USAF for business aviation and we’ve both been contract pilots.  Our childhoods were very similar but where Colin internalized the anger he grew up with while I’ve been blessed to have a family which has largely given me peace from that anger.

Colin is much darker than I am.  He has a simmering rage inside him that finds its way out of him in situations of extreme stress.  It has created a blood-lust inside him that craves for satisfaction periodically.  He’s also a series of contradictions.  He says he’s more  about money than patriotism, but when pressed into service he fights for his country with a vengeance.  He believes that he’s amoral but there’s a deeply entrenched good within him that he refuses to acknowledge.