Veteran Owned Business

This book was recommended to me by a gentleman who reviewed both it and my book and I’m glad to say that I followed his recommendation! This was an outstanding book and a very quick read. The characters are rich and well developed and the plot moved very quickly. I read it in two nights! The author’s knowledge and expertise in the airline environment and in the cockpit showed through – the book is very authentic. Other than a few conversations with friends, I don’t know much about the inside of the airlines but this book put me in the middle of the action and I felt like I understood some of the angst that friends of mine have described.

My only complaints with the book were I thought the climax/conclusion came a little too quickly and that the loose ends were tied up a little too thoroughly. I also thought that we didn’t really need the continuous lectures about airline cost savings, training and financial consequences. While I realize that element was a central theme of the book, it got to be a little repetitive after awhile.

All of that said, Karlene has written an AWESOME book and I recommend without reservation. If you like books about aviation, you’ll love this one!

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