The Viper Contract

The Viper Contract is the first book in the Colin Pearce series. Several years after a bitter retirement from the Air Force, former fighter pilot Colin Pearce has found a second career: flying Gulfstream and Falcon business jets as a daily contractor. Between the constant travel and his extensive Single-Malt Scotch collection, he manages to keep the demons of has past where they belong. It’s a lucrative, solitary existence and that’s the way he likes it.

But then he takes a phone call while making a connection in the Atlanta airport and his life changes forever. (Learn More)

The Cabo Contract

The Cabo Contract is second book in the Colin Pearce series. Four weeks since Colin Pearce fought the battle of his life, his body is recovering from the physical trauma of multiple gunshot wounds. His mind is recovering from the emotional ordeal of watching the woman he cared for die in his arms and from burying his best friend. His CIA-assigned doctor has ordered him to stay off his feet and for once, Pearce intends to do what he has been told.

But then the damn phone rings. And like the last time, everything changes. (Learn More)

The Satan Contract

This is the third book in the Colin Pearce series. Colin Pearce is back in action again! Recalled to active duty in the USAF, he’s been recruited to solve a murder and stop a plot to steal the USAF’s newest fighter while he tries to stay alive with a $10 million price tag on his head. (Learn More)

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